Cookies that make you smile

Simple ingredients, created in small batches, we strive to make each cookie better than the last

We offer catering!

Our Story

For the love of baking

A family favorite for years, the Campolongo cookie recipe starts with the cookie dough. Several years of tinkering with ingredients created a cookie dough that I was finally happy with – the result – an extremely popular baked good! I started small, giving the cookies as holiday gifts to friends and folks in our community. Eventually, I donated them to our children’s schools bake sales. The school reported that the cookies would routinely sell out and that requests were pouring in. Having been asked numerous times where to could find the cookies, I happily decided to make them available for sale. 

Our Cookies

Home made cookies – directly from our loving kitchen to your friendly door step.

Chocolate Chip

Semi sweet chocolate is the top ingredient in the Chocolate Chip Cookie. The cookie dough exists simply to hold the melted chocolate chips together. These cookies are for chocolate lovers who like a brown sugar and butter rich cookie dough!

Ann Marie

Previously known as the Campolongo plain cookie. Our children’s teacher Sister Ann Marie often enjoyed the cookies with a warm cup of tea. Soon thereafter they became highly requested. We have the privilege to call our plain cookie, the Ann Marie, in honor of Sister Ann Marie.

We offer catering!

Proud to be Local


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For orders over 10 dozen cookies, contact us for special arrangements.